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I don't get what's the problem others are having

with this game? It is really a creative, original platformer. Thumbs up, pal!

Am I the only one who didn't get the ending? :(

Nevertheless great game, really challenging and fun. 9/10, 5/5


Had 30 outta 35 then I ate 6 at once and it didn't level me.

wilsonbb responds:

You have to press "P" to pause, and click Evolve!

Great game!

But the ending was sooooo anti climatic.
Hell I was expecting some balloons or dunno some twist or something :P
All together, nice game. Good graphics, nice idea.

As a citizen of a town suffering Qassams for the

past week, I can't help but laugh.
This game really is amusing, a cute humorous perspective on the current situation in Israel.
The Qassams barely hit anything, that's true. But if a neighbor of yours keeps throwing stones at your window yet hitting no one, won't it disturb you and stop you from having a peaceful life in your home? Wouldn't you warn the neighbor over and over and then, when he doesn't stop (considering there's not a third person who can't stop him, as a place I.E) you'd strike back at him?

Israel's been under the Qassams for over 7 years now, 7 years of which the citizens of Sderot has been suffering continuous strikes upon their homes, workplaces, schools and kinder gardens, and we have never stroke back at them for that, not in a size which mattered.
After a six months of a "truce" the Hamas decided to get more offensive on us the citizens of southwestern Israel. Over 100 missiles in three days.

We are attacking the Hamas, not the citizens of Gaza. If citizens are being hurt that's because the Hamas are using them as human shields. There are over 300 Palestinians dead but you forgot that around 80% are the Hamas people - terrorists.

Situation's hard at Gaza, yes I know. It wasn't always like that, but the residents of Gaza decided to choose the Hamas as their leaders and now they suffer the consequences; They gave the Hamas the permission to speak for them. We left Gaza three years ago with no intention to come back, and instead of peace the Hamas is giving us war. YET we are avoiding civilian casualties as much as we can. If we were like Russia was when they attacked Georgia there would be so much more civilian casualties, but as much as the international media likes to draw us as monsters, we are trying to be as human as an attacker could be; I don't see a situation when another country under a terrorist attack would be more 'gentle' than we are when attacking in a built area.

The guy below me was saying that "each and every citizen of Israel is a soldier" - that's true, we all get military positions when we reach the age of 18. But we serve for three years then we leave the army for good, or at least the ones who don't want a military career do.
In a country so small as ours and so war-taught as ours there should be as much soldiers as possible. So you learn how to hold a gun but you don't learn how to shoot people; You learn how to act for defending yourself. Then you leave the army and once again you're a civilian at all aspects.

After a long description of my point of view, I can only say that it's a tad offensive people outside this area criticize us without being here. It's pretty easy to tell what's right and what's wrong when you sit in your safe home in front of your computer with the mask of anonymousy the Internet provides.

Yet this game made me laugh. 10/10, 5/5.

Thanks a bunch!

Gonna be credited if I decided to make a game I'm planing :)

Great game, but needs some serious

Honestly, I could cheat all the game through; When you're dead you can still shoot and create beams and when you are back it shoots them all at once.

Great use of CS4's 3D :)

Honestly, It's good :] I have built a similar engine in flash (with view range, z alignment and all) but I didn't have textures so I gave up. Once again, good job!

Nice game.

Difficult controls, indeed. But the concept is good, graphics are nice, voiceover is well done, so I'm giving you 4\5, 8\10.

popopt responds:

The voice was crazy because flash would choke after i exported to many sounds. Apparently there is a limit to how many classes you can export from flash. BTW for developpers, i fixed this by importing wav sounds instead of mp3s. For some reason this fixed the problem. I thought the voices were important after playing Call of Duty 4. I LOVED how they told you what to do onscreen - it just made me feel that much more integrated into that world (great cinematic game BTW COD4)

Loved it!

And as for level 3..
Try to stand ON the cursor ;)

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